DREAM BIG: Magic Pony Circus w/ petting zoo

I’m probably not the only person who let’s her (or his) mind float while on a long drive. .
This time returning from a wonderful experience at a princess birthday party.(The party was a happy success including magic, face painting, balloon twisting, petting zoo, the dogshow, and princess carriage rides.) Remember: Hugs are healing!
Anyway. My imagination was toying with notions for a new show for kids and soon I was smiling, then laughing and carrying on. (Lucky I didn’t get pulled over! But then I don’t drink or use drugs. I’m just a nutty clown.)image004 (1) (113x140)
In my mind, I was dressed in a fuchsia sequined ringmaster jacket, top hat, spats, and gently wielding a crop, directing a three-ring mini circus. Lively circus music raised my blood pressure. And joy factor, while my new snow white mini-horse was dancing on her hind legs, front legs raised – a beautiful creature from a fairytale.
She can smile, count, shake her head to “no” or “yes”, bow, hula dance, leap up on her pedestal and pose for pictures, sit in a (special c
hair), and more. Hm-m what kind of circus outfit should she wear?
Otter, my labradoodle dog, is ninety pounds of love (with a service card), a fluffy, auburn coat and trick talent that pleases kids and adults alike. His favorite trick is becoming a circle of hoops to jump through. And, from his own pedestal, he shakes hands then plays dead. Silly, he’ll play dead on the grass then turn on his back and wiggle, with his goofy smile. Now, he wears a sort of plain collar. Maybe a big one and a hat. Any ideas?

( Fantasy 20014Rob)


As for the party kids, they can join the circus juggling plastic balls, dancing and playing with hula hoops, bubbles, and . . .? I need your ideas and suggestions for “circus kids”. Interactive fun. As for my part, I’ll do magic, face paint and balloon twisting . . . plus the petting zoo, with little ruffs on the bunnies. I think ruffle collars might be too much for the guinea pigs and chickens. But, as mentioned earlier, some nutty is fun, so long as
It’s harmless for my little buddy critters.

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